BLOOD & STOOL Revendication

Trademark for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes

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We analyse blood’s chemistry and examine stool samples—for the presence or absence of a medical condition. We elucidate the complex functions of the human body, by quantitating various vital elements and compounds in blood, that are linked to the cause or contributing factors for disease, and focus on the dynamic aspects of this biochemistry.

Clinical expertise is based on research evidence drawn from patient values in various aspects of biochemistry, physiology and toxicology, with particular focus on

  • (1) routine clinical chemistry parameters,
  • (2) abnormal stool findings,
  • (3) metabolic disorders associated with high blood sugar levels,
  • (4) blood serum components in healthy individuals, and patients,
  • (5) renal function formulae and related equations in medical care,
  • (6) body weight equations and obesity induced disabilities in adults,
  • (7) buffer systems and physiologic parameters in metabolic processes.
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  • Responsable Nche Forcob
  • Adresse Bastos
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